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Do you offer downgrades for airsoft guns to 330 fps?

We can offer upgrades and downgrades depending on which one you need, we only use the highest quality parts as well.

Do you repair budget priced airsoft weapons?

No we do not repair or supply very cheap unbranded plastic spring cock two tone rifles and pistols such as £4 pistols.

These weapons are known for inferior build quality and are uneconomical to repair. Like any sport you should invest in decent equipment for the most rewarding airsoft experience.


Airsoft is becoming a more and more popular sport played all across the country. It can involve team based games and various simulations from capture the flag to attack and defend.

There are various weapons that you can purchase depending on the types of games you want to play and your own personal taste.

The team specialise in airsoft rifle and pistol repairs for branded weapons via nationwide courier.

For further information on airsoft repairs and airsoft upgrades, feel free to get in contact the team by the online form for a quick response during business hours.

Also please note that unbranded plastic, spring cock two tone rifles and pistols are not repaired - the repairs are not economical and the parts used are inferior to branded airsoft weapons.

Please note the team do not repair any airguns (as in anything which fires a metal projectile).

Airsoft Gun Repair offers airsoft repairs and sales from a UKARA (UK Airsoft Retailer Associated) retailer who have experienced teams of engineers offering professional and reliable airsoft gun repairs and airsoft gun upgrades by insured courier collection and delivery.

No matter the airsoft repair or upgrade that you require, the team carry a large stock of airsoft internal parts and products from the top manufacturers to ensure that the team can provide a fast and reliable service.

Further information on airsoft repairs can be found on the airsoft repairs page.

We are able to offer repairs and upgrades for top brands such as:

• Tokyo Marui
• G & G
• Ares
• Real Sword
• Warrior

These are only some of the main brands that we deal with, if you have a brand that we haven`t mentioned don`t worry as we are able to order most parts in should you need them.

Find out more about the airsoft services on the services page.

Customer service is the highest priority for the airsoft team and they treat each case individually. Every engineer has extensive experience in the repair, modification and servicing of high quality airsoft weapons.

The repair and servicing of airsoft weapons has a fast turnaround and only genuine high performance parts are used.

Beware of fake parts being supplied by non reputable companies such as fake Magpul pistol grips which can jam the gun.

We also offer a wide of high quality airsoft guns and equipment on the airsoft products page such as the Magpul Beta Project AK47. Full metal exterior alongside a great rate of fire and impressive range / accuracy.

To book an airsoft gun in today or to find out more information about the airsoft services that we offer, simply get in contact with us today by filling out the airsoft enquiry form and one of the team will contact you back shortly.

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simon emailed me with positive feedback, lots of ideas to mill over. he left a number for me to call to discuse my options further.
very helpful and professional. will definitely be sening all my repairs there way.

Score 4.2 out of 5

really helpful staff member, i was impressed that he took the time to talk through the details of the work that would need doing.

Score 4 out of 5

felt like i was talking to a genuine person and not a machine, helped me with everything i needed help with and ill be visiting soon.

Score 5 out of 5

the guy i spoke to was great and helpful

Score 4.6 out of 5

no problems at all. gun spring was replaced quickly and is now working well. was pleased that it was done quickly and at a good price.

Score 4.6 out of 5

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Recent Enquires



hiive has this handgun for a while now and recently the trigger has became loose. when i removed the magazine from the gun two very small and very thing pieces of metal came out i believe these to be parts for the much would it cost me to have the problem assessed and repairedregardsnathan


when i pull the trigger the trigger stays back and the gas goes everywhere because of this. apparently it needs a hole drilled in it and a spring put in it.


when firing the gun only fires in auto not single shot


the gun does not fire any more pellet falls out of the end. i believe the problem is a certain broken part i dont know the name but it is behind the front barrelhop up system.


hi just recently bought a m150 spring for my barret however tried putting it in but i have opened my gear box up and cant get it all back together was wondering if i can send my gear box and you can put it me together with m150 spring in it. also plz email instead of ringing me cheers


hi saw on your website that you do repairs to guns. i decided id have a go of repairing my kwa g36 with no previous experience ver 3 gearbox after it was firing incorrectly and bbs were falling out if the end of the barrel the put things bland the gearbox fell apart and so did other parts and i dont have a clue what to do to get it back together i think ive managed to put the gearbox back together correctly but without the trigger spring in place as it was very hard the selector plate on the lower receiver has snapped so that would need replacing another thing i dont know how to do


my electric pistol stopped working and i dont no whats wrong with it and i really need it fixing


hiive had this gun a while but never skirmished it ive found that while firing on fullauto maybe 1 in 5 shots wont actually fire and will dry fire and the hop up and accuracy seem really inconsistent. i dont know if it needs a new hop up but i was hoping you could take a look at it and if it needs a replacement or a repair you could do it.