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DO you have a shop in Glasgow where I can bring my airsoft gun in for repair?

We no longer have a local shop as we are a national company, you can however post the item for us and we can offer collection from Glasgow through a courier.

How long is your warranty on airsoft repairs?

We offer different warranties depending on what it is have you done, for more information on our repairs and warranties you can contact us today.

Area covered : Glasgow

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This map illustrates Glasgow. We may only cover Glasgow area with a postal, call-out, courier pick-up/drop off service.

Airsoft Glasgow

We specialise in all aspects of airsoft gun repairs and upgrades for Glasgow, all of the technicians are familiar in providing repairs and upgrades on all the main brands of airsoft guns.

With over 35+ years of industry experience, the team approved by ensure the highest quality repair, modification or service of your favourite airsoft weapon.

Please note the UKARA (UK Airsoft Retailer Associated) registered team do not repair air guns (i.e. anything which fires a metal projectile of any kind).

If you would like more information on the airsoft repairs and airsoft upgrades that we can carry out if you`re from Glasgow, simply contact us today by filling out the online enquiry form with your details and the service you require.

One of the team will contact you back shortly to discuss collecting your airsoft gun from Glasgow by insured courier.

Airsoft Gun Repair Glasgow Glasgow

Whether you`re looking to get your airsoft gun repaired or fancy upgrading it we can help, we service the whole of the UK including Glasgow, Glasgow.

The modern workshop is home to teams of trained engineers using the best tools, methods and high quality airsoft internal parts. We keep a large stock of all the main brands including:

• Systema
• Laylax
• G & G
• Madbull

These are just some of the main brands that the team work with or have in stock, if there`s a certain airsoft part that you require we can always do the best to try and source the part for you.

Also why not consider purchasing some professional accessories to stand out from the crowd when you go to your next airsoft event in Glasgow? The team offer a wide range of high quality scopes, lasers, grips and more.

Also if your recent airsoft gun purchase is not allowed on the site, the engineers can offer a professional upgrade / downgrade service.

Depending on the airsoft gun that you`re are booking in for repair, you can either post the item to us or we may be able to offer collection from your address in Glasgow.

A list of airsoft services can be found on the services page.

We also offer a wide of high quality airsoft products on our airsoft products page such as the ASG B&T MP5 A5 below which is a excellent CQB airsoft weapon and capable 320 fps out of the box.

For more information on the airsoft repair and upgrades for Glasgow, simply contact us today, you can do this by filling out the airsoft enquiry form with your details and then we will contact you back. Alternatively give our airsoft team a call today.

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the guy i spoke to was great and helpful

Score 4.6 out of 5

excellent - helpful, quick and a good price. couldn"t ask for better. cheers

Score 5 out of 5

replaced fuse and spring and now going smoothly. was sorted really quickly too. cheers

Score 4.8 out of 5

think i could have got the problem solved more cheaply elsewhere but that said, i"m happy with it and the staff were quick and helpful

Score 4 out of 5

called for prices and advice and i got it in very good terms. i be back for upgrades and much more many thanks.

Score 4.8 out of 5

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Recent Enquires

i think the gear box has gone. when i pull the trigger it doesnt fire and you can just hear cogs crunching.


hi therei recently got myself a new sniper but its not working as well as i hoped and was wondering if i could book it in to be looked at and have the fine tuning done by someone what knows more about these things than i do. even when i am setting the hop up higher it does not seem to be liffting the bbs much and if i set to tight they stop shooting altogether. hope to hear from you soon to see what you can offer. thanks


was shooting on sunday at the mall in reading was going well for most of the day then all of a sudden just stopped firing just kept making a clicking noise when i pulled the trigger. how much would it cost for a servicerepair


trigger was very hard to pull so i deassembled it and took out a jammed bb. but i cant for the life of me put it back together again. ive looked everywhere for help and spent hours trying.


shots fired from the gun veer wildly to the left no idea why.


hi i recently bought a used airsoft rifle and would like to get it serviced can you give me an idea of the cost and let me know your location thanks mike


to find out why my gun is only firing around x fps and to hopefully fix the problem.cheers


the gun wont fit back together. no new parts needed just assistance.


hi there my d boys m4 has a problem with the trigger it doesnt pull all the way but it still fires. although when its set to semi it still fires auto. i am pretty sure its not the selector plate i might be wrong and it is the internal trigger parts.i would like that to be fixed and a shimming of the gears. i would also like to enquire about the price of replacing the piston and piston head.thanks