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My Tokyo Marui ak47 no longer feeds, is this something you can repair?

This is something we should be able to repair, it could be the hop rubber or the hop unit. Either way we can always take a look for you.

My gearbox shell is cracked, can you supply and fit a new one?

We keep a wide variety of different gearboxes in stock and should be able to supply and fit a new one for you.

Airsoft Repair

We offer fast and affordable airsoft repairs for most makes and models or airsoft weapons.

We can offer courier collection and delivery through an insured courier, for peace of mind that your items will be transported safely to the team.

The dedicated engineers have 35+ years of industry experience in airsoft repairs for AEG and gas blow-back weapons.

Please note that the team do not repair anything to do with air guns (any item which fires metal projectiles).

Also very cheap, unbranded airsoft guns are not worth sending to the team. The engineers have noted they are cruddy things we can`t worth it due to being uneconomical to repair and impossible to source parts.

For further information on the airsoft repairs we can . simply contact us today by filling out the online enquiry form with your details and one of the team shall contact you back shortly during business hours.

Airsoft Repairs & Upgrades

Here at we believe in bringing you a reliable and hassle free way to get your airsoft gun repaired, serviced and even upgraded.

The experienced team are airsoft skirmishers themselves (they even run a indoor airsoft site) and thus they understand the need to upgrade your weapons, get regular services and sometimes the occasional repair.

A UKARA (UK Airsoft Retailer Association) member repair centre offers professional airsoft gun repairs and upgrades by dedicated engineers via insured collection and delivery from your chosen address.

The team use only the best tools, methods and replacement airsoft internal parts which are of equal or greater quality then the original manufacturer.

Some of the main names that we can service include:

• Tokyo Marui
• G & G
• G & P
• Systema

The experienced engineers can repair most available brands that are out there and available to purchase, this include most gun makes such as JG, Dboys, AGM and ASG.

No matter what weapon it is that you have the team shall always do its best to source the airsoft parts needed for the service you require.

The repair centre keeps a large stock of airsoft internal parts and accessories from most major brands such as:

• Laylax
• Magpul
• Tokyo Marui

For more information on the services we offer, please visit the services page. With any service or repair that you book in with us we can offer collection and delivery through an insured courier, we do this so that you have peace of mind that your items will be transported safely.

Alternatively the team can supply with airsoft parts and top branded airsoft equipment. Please visit the airsoft products page for further information. You will need to be 18+ and have UKARA membership to purchase any real imitation firearm (RIF) however.

Arrange your airsoft gun repair or get further information by filling out the airsoft form with your contact details and a short description of your airsoft repair or upgrade requirements.

Recent Testimonials

really helpful staff member, i was impressed that he took the time to talk through the details of the work that would need doing.

Score 4 out of 5

felt like i was talking to a genuine person and not a machine, helped me with everything i needed help with and ill be visiting soon.

Score 5 out of 5

think i could have got the problem solved more cheaply elsewhere but that said, i"m happy with it and the staff were quick and helpful

Score 4 out of 5

called for prices and advice and i got it in very good terms. i be back for upgrades and much more many thanks.

Score 4.8 out of 5

confident that i made a good choice in going with this company. i couldn"t fault a thing.

Score 5 out of 5

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Recent Enquires

when i plug my battery in my gun it just starts shooting and dosent stop unless i put my safety on or take the battery out please can you fix it


the last time i went to the shooting range my sr4a1 stopped working for an unknown reason. i charged the battery which works fine with other guns so it must be something to do with the internals of the gun itself.


my gun seems to feed intermittently has a marked drop in fps and sounds grindy locks up on semi a lot. it also seems to rapidly drain the battery.


shimming and a grease up


i know this may be a daft question,but can anything be repaired/upgraded on a double eagle ak 47 ?


wire connecting fuse damaged. wire that feeds from upper receiver battery to fuse housing pulled out from the brass fuse clip with wire crimp. need replacement or to be re connected.also does not seem to want to re assemble. took it apart to take loose bb out the wire came out and also since then am unable to re attach upper receiver to lower.


selector switch not working fires on safe


when i fire this gun bbs sometimes comes out and sometime it doesnt it maybe a problem with the hop up unit


the gearbox makes a noise it shouldnt when fired resulting in none of the bbs being fired from the gun. also the gun will only fire full auto changing the selector switch to semi still ends up as full auto.thankyou